Mon Coeur Rainbow Baby Leggings

  • Rainbow Baby Leggings! Super soft, sustainable leggings that come in a rainbow pattern that will liven up any look. Crafted in Portugal with the highest quality fabrics, including cotton and street jersey, our Rainbow Baby Leggings ensure your baby feels like they're wrapped in a cloud of coziness all day long. The adjustable waist tape makes them great for fall, ensuring a perfect fit as your little one grows. Pair these leggings with our sweatshirts, t-shirts and bodysuits for a delightful and comfortable ensemble that's perfect for any adventure. These leggings are not just stylish but also environmentally conscious, as 1% of every purchase goes towards restoring our natural environment. Let's embark on this magical journey together! Watch as they light up the world with every step, leaving colorful imprints on the path of exploration and eco-consciousness.

$44.00 USD